Aguscello, the asylum of the ghost children

Aguscello is a small fraction of Ferrara unknown to many, but not to the so-called ghost hunters. In this small town there is an old building that attracts many lovers of the paranormal or simple onlookers, being considered one of the most haunted places in Italy. The history of the structure is shrouded in mystery and the news that appears on the web is often contradictory. For this reason I will rely on the so-called "word of mouth" with many "but" and many "if". The building in question appears to be in the possession of the Italian Red Cross. In 1940 it was given to nuns to manage it as an infant or "pedagogical" asylum, as many prefer to call it. The users were children under the age of thirteen. And now the first "but", in fact there are no real testimonials about the existence of this institute, it is said that there are no documents in this regard, as if someone had wanted to hide the evidence of his existence. The fact is that beds, wheelchairs and games were found inside. In addition, in the surrounding areas, various equipment and tools for electroshock. The sad reality of asylums in those years is known to all and for certain "experiments" there were no concerns even for the little ones.


STRUCTURE: The building is surrounded by a large area of ​​land abandoned to itself; it is made up of three separate buildings, a larger one where children were probably kept and two smaller ones, in one of which there would be a small chapel. The interior is unsafe and dilapidated, part of the roof is now non-existent, the walls are full of writings of all kinds and the stairs impractical in several places. But from what is said to explore it is not impossible, just be a little unconscious and be careful of the broken windows, the cobwebs and the syringes that testify to the passage of those who have found refuge inside. The building was a shelter for homeless drug addicts, stragglers and, apparently, even by Satanists. In fact, in some rooms artifacts have been found that would lead to black masses, but according to the experts of the case, only in one room there are remains truly related to a ritual, all the others would be staged or rituals done by inexperienced for their " orgette ". THE NURSERY: The asylum was said to have belonged to the Italian Red Cross since the 1940s and was given to the nuns, who despite being "women of faith" did not have a heart at all ... The hospital was home to approximately thirty children with "mental" problems. Surely, if it really existed (personally I don't doubt it given the discovery of certain objects), it would explain why no document was found. The history of psychiatry teaches us that mental illnesses were seen as real "curses" and their cure was based on inhuman and not exactly "orthodox" experiments. But no more moralisms, let's go back to the news that we can mostly find by browsing here and there among the sites dedicated to the paranormal. It is said that the children were victims of physical and psychological torture. There was no real distinction between the various pathologies and consequently not even between the various therapies. The most popular were electroshock, lobotomy and cold water diving. There are those who say that there is a mass grave inside the building itself even if there is no trace of it. The closure of the alleged asylum is also a mystery. Who says that the nuns abandoned the children to themselves during the Second World War (but from 1940 to 1970 who did not close by who was managed if it were, surely there will be news about it, but personally I have not found them and so I don't feel like exposing myself too much and I will remain faithful to the news found), and for this reason they died of hardship. There are however other hypotheses in this regard. There is talk of an epidemic within the institute, of a possible fire (none of the visitors saw signs attributable to all this) and finally there are those who even speak of a maniac who entered the building and killed all those present. THE MANUFICLE AND ITS GHOSTS: The best known legend linked to the hospital of Aguscello tells of a child with an angelic face, but with a tormented soul, who was locked up here by his parents. Segregated in a room on the third floor and victim of abuse by the staff, he decided to throw himself downstairs, perhaps ignoring the real danger of the gesture, but only eager to reach that garden to run free as a child should do. His body was never found. Many people claim to have seen his ghost playing freely among those rubble and that it is he who runs the famous carousel that is in the building and to which a phrase written on a wall refers: "WHOEVER MAKES THE GIOSTRINA TURN, WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO STOP IT BECAUSE THE SOULS OF THE CHILDREN WILL PLAY ETERNALLY". On the third floor there really is a black silhouette that resembles a boy, legend has it that a child was stoned precisely at that point. However, it seems that most of the events take place on the top floor, where we hear crying and shouting of children. Furthermore, according to some researchers, it would also be infested by malignant entities of adult people and child's footprints would appear on the walls.

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