Full Day Tour From Rome to Tuscany: Saturnia Baths, Hot Spring, and the Medieval Villages: Montemerano and Pitigliano

Visit the medieval villages MONTEMERANO, PITIGLIANO and wine tasting in a Typical cellar of the best Tuscan wine

SATURNIA: Natural SPA with hot water Falls (free entrance)

Saturnia is part of the city of Manciano, on the Maremma hills that extend over the province of Grosseto, 2 hours from Rome. An ancient Etruscan town, with its medieval walls and remains of an old Roman road, Saturnia is known for its hot sulphurous springs at a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (98° Fahrenheit) dating back to Roman times and still working today, has renowned therapeutic properties, effective for the skin, the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system. It is considered one of the best thermal baths in the world and combines luxury with health, relaxation, and pleasure. A striking experience, especially if followed by a good dinner in local restaurants, for instance in Montemerano and in Pitigliano, where many pleasant spots can be found.


Montemerano is a small fraction of the municipality of Manciano, costructed in the thirteenth century by Aldobrandeschi, with the intention of making it a city fortress in all respects and is considered one of the best examples of walled village in Italy. Even today, in fact, is surrounded by its ancient city walls, which gives it an antique look so irresistible as to be one of the tipical villages of the Tuscan Maremma. The sight of its historic center immediately strikes us, entirely in stone and with a sober elegance of the past that emerges from many streets and squares that makes up its oldest core that, even if small, is of great beauty.


Pitigliano has been included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. As far as the history of Pitigliano is concerned, first of all the Etruscans who built their houses in "Tuffo” quarries and who were present on site from the late Bronze Age, or from the 12th to the 11th centuries BC. The Orsini family ruled the County of Pitigliano for several centuries, protecting it from Siena, Orvieto and from the Medici Florence and in 1574, Nicholas IV Orsini had to cede Pitigliano to the Florence of the Medici. The economy of Pitigliano is mainly linked to the wine and it attracts many visitors every year. In fact, wine and olive oil are the two products par excellence of the Tuscany region and of Pitigliano, in particular.


550 euros Until 7 passengers for each Van

DURATION: 12 hours

  • 7.30 am departure from Rome to the Saturnia waterfalls.
    Admission is free but if you prefer a confort area, Raccommend SPA Center in front the falls (29€ per person)
  • We continue to Montemerano medieval village which is 20 minutes from Saturnia for lunch in a nice restaurant of Tuscan cuisine and wine tasting and tour in the village
  • Proceed to Pitigliano for the tour of the village
  • Return to Rome around 7,30pm.


  • price quoted doesn’t include lunch, tickets to the SPA.
  • have bathing suits.

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