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DAY TRIP FROM ROME 12 HRS – UMBRIA TOUR Marmore falls – Norcia – Montefalco

The Marmore falls, Norcia and Montefalco full day tour start and ends in Rome.

*** Pick up at the hotel***

marmore falls norcia montefalco 1MARMORE FALLS
The Marmore Falls , extolled during the centuries for its beauty, appears like a roaming water column distributed on three drops. Wrapping the Fiora in a cloud of while foam, cover a different in high of 165 metres. The scenery disclosed to the visitors eyes is the work of men made since centuries, from the Roman period, tried to canalize the water of the Velino river to fall the into the Nera river.
Its history began in 271 DC when the Roman consul Curio Dentato made a reclaimed work in the plain of Rieti realizing a canal of beyond two kilometer up the cliff of Marmore.
In Archaeology, instead of, the traces left by the ancient people on the territory is testified by several find brought to the light during the years.
Affirmed during the centuries like one of the greatest phenomena of nature, the Marmore Falls had the role of protagonist also in arts and literature, becoming the destination of intellectuals who, along the routes of the Grand Tour, reached Italy to overtake studies of the classicatity.
During the last twenty years of the XIX century became the instrument of the water system regulation, used by energetic reasons for the rising industry. The using of water for industrial reasons, prevailed on the tourist and naturalistic connotations.
Today the park of Marmore welcome the visitor leading trough different excursion trails, to discover rocks and caves that characterized the geology.
And the vegetation, with its species worthy of value, catch the attention to people who want to venture in the excursion area, the real heart of the Falls. 

marmore falls norcia montefalco 2Gastronomic tour at NORCIA with lunch
A gastronomic journey in Umbria cannot ignore a stop in Norcia. Located within the Park of Monti Sibillini (Sibillini Mountains), Norcia is an amazing city full of art and culture, but most of all what made her famous in the world are its culinary specialties mainly meat and pork delights of the earth as black truffles or vegetables. Norcia is also common in Italy, with the richest basket of food products of high quality as well as the “capital” of the Italian black truffle.
In Norcia was born the art of “norcino” (“butcher”), a real specialization in the processing of pork meat. According to tradition were Jews, arrived in the Valnerina after the destruction of Jerusalem, to invent the technique of preserving pork: not being able to eat it for religious reasons, they had to keep it and then make the trade. Since then, the salting and curing of hams, sausages and capocolli has become a specialty of the inhabitants of Norcia, hence the nickname “norcino” (“butcher”), attributed to anyone to take place this craft.
In the numerous taverns of Norcia, also known as “norcinerie” (“pork-butchers”), you will have the chance to taste the succulent starters of cured meats and cheeses, the precious Castelluccio di Norcia (Castelluccio of Norcia) lentils, pasta with black truffles, saffron, fresh mushrooms (mainly porcini) and many other specialties of the all wet from excellent red wine of Montefalco. For seafood lovers we recommend to try the trout instead of black or crayfish.
However, if you want to learn more about this beautiful resort, traditions or customs and its typical products, you will also have this possibility in Norcia. In fact you can go hunting for truffles with a “cavatore” (“quarryman”) expert and his dog expertly trained experiencing such a unique experience that will enrich your culinary culture even better, making you appreciate its aroma and its combinations in the table.
You can visit a true agricultural company that will show you the art of cheese-makers of Norcia (Norcia cheese producers) with whom you will achieve your cottage cheese or visit the companies of the best manufacturers from around the area to discover the gastronomic delights of this amazing territory.
At the end of your gastronomic tour in Norcia, stop in at one of the many shops there to buy ham, salami or sausages protected by DOP or IGP; so you will have the opportunity to bring in your tableware products not found anywhere else and of exceptional quality. 

marmore falls norcia montefalco 3MONTEFALCO
Montefalco, the “balcony of Umbria” is celebrated for its unique location that offer a breathtaking 360° view of the Umbria Valley from Spoleto to Perugia, from the appennines to the Martani mountains.
This hilltop town is still completely surrounded by the mediaval walls and its five gates. The main monument is the church of Santi Francis with the famous Renaissance frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli and Perugino.
Well know as the city of the Sagrantino wine, a strong and full-body red wine appreciated by connoisseurs around the world, with makes Montefalco a regular stop on any eno-gastronomic tour.

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Small group Rome Marmore Falls, Norcia and Montefalco Full Day Tours


  • Pick up and drop off at your centrally located hotel
  • Small group of Maximum 8 people
  • A/C Mercedes vehicle or similar and English speaking driver-guide
  • Scenic photo stops along the panoramic places,
  • Scenic drive in country Road and plenty of photo stops
  • tour of countries with our expert local guide (not included)


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