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  • FULL DAY TRIP FROM ROME 12 HRS for two nice Medieval Villages Sermoneta and Fumone

FULL DAY TRIP FROM ROME 14 HRS for two nice Medieval Villages Sermoneta and Fumone

sermoneta fumone gaeta 3Sermoneta:
The tour is recommended especially during spring, when the garden of Ninfa is at its highest splendor.
Sermoneta is a characteristic Medieval borough, that claims the acknowledgment of “European Destination of Excellence” . The town, located in the Province of Latina, is about 60 km from Rome.
The Driver of our NCC company will welcome you in elegant vehicles at Fiumicino Airport, Termini station, your hotel or any other point of interest. Once arrived at destination, you’ll start the tour of Sermoneta, visiting its historical center. The ladscape is dominated by the two tower , the Marschio and Maschietto, of the 13th century Caetani Castle.
Thanks to the guide tour inside the ancient manor, you’ll be able to discover its history and admire the various rooms, like the immerse “Sala dei Baroni” and the “Camere Pinte” frescoed in 1470 by a student of Pinturicchio.
After you’ll be accompagnied by your driver to the Garden of Ninfa, a natural an Historical park of extraordinary beauty. There you can admire 1300 species of plants, including roses, magnolias, acquatic iris, Japanese cherry trees and maples, Sice its origins, when the Romans built the Temple of the Naiad Nymphs, till the 19th century when it was transformed in a romantic English garden, the Garden of Ninfa has always been a magic place, that continues to fascinate its visitors.

******** Lunch suggestions upon your request MEDIEVAL RESTAURANT to FUMONE ****** 

sermoneta fumone gaeta 1Fumone
A Cone of rock which rises to 806 meters ,above sea leval, in the middle between Alatri, Fiuggi and Ferentino. It seems that Tarquin the proud, the last king of Rome Expelled in 510 AC, took refuge on Mount Antenna (mow Fumone) leading to fortify the summit. Assembly took place in Ferentino where Volsci and Ernici joined foces to march against Rome.
After the fall of the Empire, Rome became vulnerable. The old Mount antenna was identified and chosen as a lookout to watch over the valley from the Alban hill to casino. Manifested smoke signal the approach of the enemy armies. This feature gave the name Fumone. “When Fumone smoke, shaking the whole Campaign” Campaign was the name of the region that included some territory that today coincides with the province of Frosinone.
It soon became a fortified castle and self- sufficient. Were also created garden gardens and interior tanks withstand in case of of siege. He has suffered a lot, even famous people like Henry VI, grandson of Barbarossa, who in 1186 on the way to the holy Land, I try in vain to loot the castle. Around the twelfth century, the charged political situation, it was used by the Papal States as a maximum security prison. We were sent to the Prefect of Rome Pietro de Pierleoni and the anti-french Maurice Bourdin, but the most famous prisoner was without a doubt Celestine V, who was imprisoned by Boniface VIII in July 1295, until his death which occurred May 19 1296. 

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Small group Rome Sermoneta, Ninfa Ruins, Fumone or Gaeta FULL DAY TOURS


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  • Small group of maximum 8 people
  • A/C Mercedes vehicle or similar and English speaking drive-guide
  • Scenic photo stops along the panoramic places,
  • Tour of countries with our expert guide (not included)


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